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First, let's get something out of the way: It's pronounced "strand." We good with that? Alright.A Str& is a group of people that want to interact. Examples of Str&s are:- Your alumni network (e.g. "princeton-alumni-network")- Your workplace (e.g. "goldman-sachs-network")- An upcoming event (e.g. "coachella-2016")- A common interest (e.g. "dog-lovers")
When you join a Str& you can see profiles, with pictures and descriptions, of everybody in that Str&. The app also allows you to indicate an interest in connecting with people in the group and, if two people mutually want to connect, the app allows them to message each other.
Don't find the Str& you want? You can create one of your own. Creating a Str& gives you the power to define a new community. Owners of a Str& can decide who gets to join, and owners of popular Str&s become VIP's and get invited to special events.
That's pretty much it. Do you always spend this much time reading app descriptions? It's ok, there's a Str& for that, too. Seriously-- go find it.